honey bee
honey bee

Do you know

what your bees

are doing right now?


You can with an




 Bonterra Bees


bees and honeycomb
bees and honeycomb

The brain of a worker bee is about a cubic millimeter but has the

densest neuropile tissue of any animal.

honey bee with pollen
honey bee with pollen

                         The SwingViewTM


                 Viewable both sides.

The SwingView is our most popular Hive.

    Truly an original work of art, the SwingViewTM mounts on the wall like a painting or a shadowbox and glides effortlessly 180 degrees right to left in its Wall Plate. You will see both sides of your colony. Bees route, almost mysteriously, out the back of the wall plate, through the wall, to the outside. This tasteful Honey Bee world will amaze you and your friends  and guests. The SwingView is suitable for any
 exterior wall. The Hive Case easily detaches from the Wall Plate for installing bees or servicing the hive outdoors. 

This is the best Observation Bee Hive for sale on the market today!

    The SwingViewTM observation hive includes a full-featured Hive Case with wall mount pivot plate, outside entrance unit and thru-wall pipe. The bees enter and exit through the lower part of the wall plate then through the wall to the outside entrance unit.

    To remove the SwingViewTM Observation Hive Case to the outdoors for servicing: close the Hive Case door and remove 

the Hive Case from  the Wall Plate by removing the upper pivot bolt, then remove the Case to the outdoors. All Models come with installation and hive management instructions. 

    Note; 6 to 8 frames of bees, comb, and honey can 'bee' heavy. 

You may want help removing your Observation Hive Case to the


    Wax foundation, frames, bees and glass are not included.   

   Note; 6 to 8 frames of bees, comb, and honey can 'bee' heavy. 

You may want help removing your Observation Hive Case to the


    Wax foundation, frames, bees and glass are not included.

Please Note: Observation Hive Cases are shipped without 

glass. Please purchase glass locally.

For Public Exhibit Centers and areas with "out of control tonka trucks"

we recommend 3/16" or 1/4" Laminated safety glass. Simple installation instructions are included with the Hive Case, however, we strongly suggest that you take the glass frames to your local home improvement  store or automotive glass vendor and have them install and seal the glass. 

Our hives are made to order and ship within 14 days or less, 

allowing for assembly and order volume.  

All hive orders are shipped via UPS standard ground service.  

You will receive an e-mail notification and UPS tracking number

when your order is shipped.


These Hive Cases are notched for Langstroth style deep and medium frames.

To purchase go to our secure Shop page.

Observation bee hives for sale
observation hives for sale

Our DIY Building Plans do ship internationally

and shipping is included

We do not ship Hives internationally.


     If you would prefer to purchase any of our products by check , 
money order or purchase order, please contact . In your e-mail message, please include your shipping zip code and the model in which you are interested,  as well any questions you might have. A Direct Order Blank with prices and product details will be sent to you via e-mail (or postal mail upon request).