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It seems like the
world is becoming
more complicated
every day and keeping up is a real challenge.

When I need a break
I'll park myself
in front of one of
my hives and watch
those hardworking
girls eagerly take
off for the field and come back loaded with pollen and nectar.

Watching your Honey Bees
is humbling
and stress relieving.

    Mark Launer was born in California. There, he studied art and architecture. His talents as a fine arts painter were discovered by the late Edward G. Robinson,  and Mark's art has been featured in many notable collections. His paintings and drawings are a combination of the romantically-real and the magically-surreal, a marriage of love and wonder.

    Mark also has an interest in the early childhood development and early-neural development fields. He has developed many creative learning toys,  including the award winning "Blocks and Marbles", and most recently, an inspirational children's print titled, "The Eternal Promise of Childhood."

    Additionally, Mark's life-long love of Honey Bees has inspired him to bring his dynamic indoor observation bee hives to market. To quote Mark: "My Bees haven't learned anything from me, but I've learned a lot from them about life, a workable society and nature."

    Mark now resides in a solar-powered home on the coast of Maine where he writes, paints and works with his Bees.

Mark's Recent Children's Print

"The Eternal Promise of Childhood"

Above is an example of the detail in this print. 

Below is the full print.

This print is inscribed with a quote by the artist

Mark Edward Launer

"The seeds of self-confidence, humility, creativity and exuberance are within each newborn child. Nurture them, protect them and let them grow free and they will save the world"


     This is a Lithograph print on heavy weight paper. The actual size at the frame line is 26" X 36" 

Mark also created the award winning Blocks n Marbles set, an international best selling, creative learning toy. Children and adults alike will build intriguing, architectural mazes. 


you can find Mark's award winning Blocks and Marbles set at

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