The MarketViewTM
The MarketViewTM
viewable both sides
For short term display of Bees at Farm Markets, Fairs, School programs and speaking engagements.
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       Here is the perfect, portable, short term display hive for showing off your Bees. The MarketView is simple to load and easy to handle. The MarketView features the same exquisite quality Hive Case found in all our permanent observation hive models.
       The MarketView offers a full view of both sides of the deep frames. The glass frames slide easily off and on the stainless steel stud bolts, allowing complete removal for easy cleaning and loading. This arrangement allows you to open the Hive Case, then load or remove frames with bees, then close up the Hive gently without injuring your girls. It should be noted that the MarketView is for temporary display of bees and no exit/entrance unit is provided.
       The MarketView includes a feeding station that accepts a 16oz Mason Jar with a 2 3/4" lid. Additional features include six stainless steel vents and hive feet with non-marring rubber pads to secure the hive on any surface. 
Wax foundation, frames, bees and glass are not included.

Please Note: Observation Hive Cases are presently shipped without glass. Please purchase glass locally. Simple installation instructions are included with the Hive Case, although we suggest that you take the glass frames to a glass vendor and have your glass vendor install and seal glass. 

For Public Exhibit Centers and areas with "out of control tonka trucks" we recommend 3/16" or 1/4" Laminated safety glass.


Your order will be shipped in 14 days or less, allowing for assembly and order volume. All hive orders are shipped via UPS standard ground service.  You will receive an e-mail notification and UPS tracking number when when your order is shipped.


   All Hive Cases are notched for Langstroth style deep frames

For shipping charges to Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico, please contact Tracey.

We currently do not ship hives internationally.

Our DIY Building Plans do ship internationally,

and shipping is included

If you would like to purchase any of our products with a check , money order or purchase order, please ontact In your e-mail message, please include your shipping zip code and the model in which you are interested,  as well any questions you might have. A Direct Order Blank with prices and product details will be sent to you via e-mail (or postal mail upon request).