Honey bee
Honey Bee

Watching  your bees

is immensely entertaining




Honey bees at work
Honey bees at work in our observation hive

Imagine a child

watching their own


Honey Bees

in a real, fully

dimensional world


"Hey dad, there's the queen 

and she's

laying an egg

 in that cell!"

Queen bee in our observation hive
Watch the queen bee

A Queen Honey Bee

can live 4 to 6 years

and lay millions of eggs.

A worker bee may

only live 6 weeks

in the foraging season.

Worker bee loaded with pollen
Worker bee loaded with pollen

Welcome to the marvelous world of Honey Bee


Having a Bee Observation Hive is almost like having a secret civilization right in front of your eyes, a  miniature civilization of thousands of individuals working busily together, working to build comb, to store honey, to nurture a Queen, working to create thousands of new bees. They are creating a Colony, a Colony whose mission is to survive and propagate. They will propagate by swarming.  As you watch the different activities of all the different individuals in the Colony, you’ll find yourself becoming intimately involved in that civilization, your Colony of Apis mellifera, your Honey Bees. It’s the wonderful world of Nature, alive, in real-time, right in front of your eyes and mind.


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And : 
When choosing a Hive Case size for your year-round Colony
it should be noted that the scouts from a swarm look for a hive cavity volume that is close to 40 liters.
Our DW8 deep and DW12 medium Hive Cases are 42.58 liters.

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To purchase, go to our secure

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To purchase, go to our secure Shop page.

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          I've kept bees since I was a kid and it has been without a doubt, extremely rewarding. I am inclined to say, "Bees are more important to this world than I am. I have learned a great deal from bees; I doubt they've learned any thing from me. I have always been fascinated and entertained by the miraculous things they do and accomplish, and I find it impossible not to be "anthro-bee-morphic" - naming a queen and seeing her personality, or watching the emergence of a new little girl worker as she crawls out of her cell, rubs her eyes and begins her life of many responsibilities to the colony. She'll nurse more young, attend the queen, build cells, make honey and royal jelly, fan the hive. Eventually she'll leave the hive to forage the countryside and tirelessly bring back nectar and pollen. And those lazy Drones, what a lazy life they have...until it's Winter and the Colony doesn't need an extra mouth to feed.

     - Mark

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