Honey bee
Honey Bee

Watching  your bees

is immensely entertaining




Honey bees at work
Honey bees at work in our observation hive

Imagine a child

watching their own


Honey Bees

in a real, fully

dimensional world


"Hey dad, there's the queen 

and she's

laying an egg

 in that cell!"

Queen bee in our observation hive
Watch the queen bee

A Queen Honey Bee

can live 4 to 6 years

and lay millions of eggs.

A worker bee may

only live 6 weeks

in the foraging season.

Worker bee loaded with pollen
Worker bee loaded with pollen

Welcome to the marvelous world of Honey Bee


We offer

four dynamic Observation Hive Models

The SwingViewTM  Wall mounted, swings 180*

The CircleViewTM Table top, turns 360*     

The TableViewTM Table top, stationery, economical,

The MarketViewTM a portable, display hive. 


For "Do-it-Yourself" enthusiasts, 

we offer a complete set of  

"D-I-Y-" plans

 "D-I-Y" Plans

Our Bonterra Bee Observation Hive Plans have been

sold all over the world in many different countries, they are becoming a World standard.

We are proud of that.

    An OBSERVATION BEE HIVE from Bonterra bees offers you a fascinating window into a feral colony of honey bees that might live in the hollow of a tree. YOU will have the unique pleasure and incredible privilege of watching, anytime, this truly marvelous creature and the selfless organism of its colony, doing it's thing.

     Bees have existed for millions of years. In their natural, or feral, state , bees are are indispensable as the keystone pollinators for our world. I am inclined to say, "Bees are more important to this world than I am.

      I've kept bees since I was a kid and it has been without a doubt, extremely rewarding. I have learned a great deal from bees; I doubt they've learned any thing from me. I have always been fascinated and entertained by the miraculous things they do and accomplish, and find it impossible not to be "anthro-bee-morphic" - naming a queen and seeing her personality, or watching the emergence of a new little girl worker as she crawls out of her cell, rubs her eyes and begins her life of many responsibilities to the colony. She'll nurse more young, attend the queen, build cells, make honey and royal jelly, fan the hive. Eventually she'll leave the hive to forage the countryside and tirelessly bring back nectar and pollen. And those lazy Drones, what a life....until...!"

The experience of watching your own bees in YOUR own observation hive will be just as remarkable and enlightening, and impossible to describe or compare. 

Bonterra Bees makes simply the best observation bee hives for sale on the market today.

     - Mark

Bonterra Bees is the leader in innovative design and exquisite craftsmanship of indoor and outdoor honey bee observation hives. We invite you to compare price, design and quality to all others.


    Look over our Hive Case Features - many are copyrighted and exclusive to Bonterra BeesTM.  Then visit our Hive Case Options page to create your own Observation Bee Hive.

For do-it-yourself enthusiasts, we also offer a complete set of plans that includes all current models.  Our 32-page booklet is available in both print and PDF formats.

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